Tuesday, October 23, 2012

So I made this cardboard hat.

Last week my roommate acquired
A shipment box which I admired.
The size was close that it could sit
upon my head, if it should fit.

And so I searched the internet
for pictures of a good helmet.
I found success in history
when Romans wore this mystery.

I set about with board and blade
and soon my project was half made.
My camera was thus tossed aside
as I carved the box with pride.

Though the reference didn't show it,
I already did mostly know it.
My imagery was not the best
but I set out to make the crest.

As ancient scissors cut the notches
They resembled cardboard swatches.
So top heavy in my hand
I trusted it would make it grand.

Inserted fully, held on top
Without so much as one drop
Of glue or tape within my reach:
A rule I would not dare breach.

So, hows it fit? Not very well,
unless my head begins to swell.
Which wouldn't be so hard to do
since cardboard hats protect like poo.


Loni said...

You look just like a Roman Soldier! :)

David said...