Thursday, July 12, 2012

Pool Party Pirate Song

The day has come to ride the seas
Beneath the sky, among the trees
In ocean small and without sand,
With noodles green and snorkels grand

The swimmers come to swim their laps
As pirates peer o're treasure maps
Anachronistic time is this!
Yet ignorance has come with bliss.

There's cannons here, and floaties too.
We'll match the rust with safety blue!
He wears his hat with feather stuck
and inner-tube carefully tucked.

The brigands' swords make raucous noise
Quite nearly drowning out the boys.
clashing swords decide who eats
the backyard barbecue-y treats

The cacophony is rising fast!
I do not think the pool will last.
Why, off the plank, they've made me leap!
Fortunately though it ain't that deep.

I've had it up to *here* tonight!
I want these rogues out of my sight.
Like curing scurvy with vitamins,
I'll see them gone by party's end!

Pirate song over, I guess.
*(May or may not be in rhyme.)