Saturday, April 14, 2012

More to the Tale of Grop -- Meeting his Advisor!

"Good evening my lord! May your days be long, and winters short! I am Falmor, of This Great City, Steward of Your Kingdom. I oversee all matters you might find yourself too preoccupied to attend to. You may call me at any hour of any day, although I'd prefer you wouldn't. Ha, splendid."

"So I see you're obviously not the most well bred king we've had in these lands, but we've had kings from all lines of work and legacy rise to the challenge of the throne. There's Ulthorp the River Tamer, one of the great builders, started life as a contractor-- there was Machen the Brave, one of our own from within the walls of the office of the Steward, came from a long line of proud warriors (certainly more proud than they deserved to be, I might add, that is until Machen was a anointed by Vulnas, his crownfish of course). There was even one Bilstrom the Tall -- not a particularly great king, but then again, what do you expect from a factory manager? Haha -- Grop, you're not laughing... well, I didn't mean to offend, I'm sure you will be enough of a king to match up the likes of Bilstrom the bullshitter (*hehehe*). But yes, here we are at your chambers. Now, as I said, I do suppose you to be someone of the peasantry. What specifically is your -- I'm sorry, what WAS your living before so fantastic a fate took hold of you this afternoon?"

"I run fish for Garu-"

"Splendid, splendid. No shame in selling fish, no shame at all my boy -- what markets did you sell out of? I always make sure to send my serving men here to find the best fish -- probably your fish, of course -- why else would the crownfish choose you? -- find best fish from the markets, but consistency is lacking. Did you rotate your schedule often, or was it the whim of the week?"

"Oh that wasn't really up to me, I only-"

"Oh yes splendid, yes, splendid, wholesaling is such a hands off business, I've dealt with them -- wholesalers I mean -- in my time as steward here."

"No, I mean, I don't sell fish!"

"You mean you have your men arrange that for you, yes? They deal with the market managers so you don't have to? Shaking your head? No... That means then that you have some boats and send them out fishing? Still shaking? Still no? Well then, speak up, what the devil DO you do?"

"I run fish for Garuth down in Pembly!"

"Pembly? That BOG of a town? And who the devil is Garuth?"

"Garuth is my --- WAS my good boss. He fishes, and I run the fish to the markets."

"Just so there's no more confusion, would you please confirm the following: You don't sell fish, you don't buy fish, you don't even CATCH fish. You deliver fish?? Now, if you would be so kind as to please tell me that this Garuth has a few boats, and that you at least manage those. I see, your head's shaking again. Splendid."