Friday, October 12, 2012

Life Drawing, + Completely Unrelated Animations

I decided to show some more of my process. Until I figure out fraps or something, screenshots will have to do.

3 min Gestures

 These were fives & 10s.... Once we moved to tens, I tried slowing down, but ended up doing so far too much and didn't get more than a head and shoulders in. Lou (the instructor) came over and showed how I could do it differently, and then I had this bright one in the middle.

Once we got to 20s, I finally got to really get some good value in there. There was another one but the face took waaay too much of my attention, and for not a lot of payoff. 

Construction on this one was weird enough that it existed more as just a value study than as a figure portrait. Also probably the most NSFW-ish drawing of the semester.... But I had a lot of fun with light, shadow, and the cloth material.

But I said I would include animation, right? The Turkeyman LIVES! Once again, modeled, rigged, and posed by yours truly. Thought I'd share my reference on this one too --

And a jump. This is the "Norman" rig. It's providing a good outline of what I should include in rigs I try to construct in the future. Baby steps, baby steps.

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