Thursday, October 18, 2012

Figure Drawing streams

Once again, I'm making effort to show the process here. I'm the guy who's always watching the 'how it's made' part of the dvd, where I'm always wondering how they achieved whichever effect on Disneyland rides.

I even was able to get my computer to capture video of photoshop, so I've got some of that at the bottom. Featuring music of Explosions in the Sky, and music from Halo ODST. Quite the range.

So to start, here once again are the terrible horrible 'gestures'. About halfway I changed up, trying to get the overall shape instead of a hyper-rendered thing.

We jumped straight into tens after this. None of that slow-building up today.

Of course interspersed with breaks now and again. These next ones I think were twenties. Starting not to hate them...

One more twenty, our penultimate pose.

This last one here was done as two sets of twenties. TBH on the second pose, the wrinkles got better on his pants so I was able to render out some really nice shapes.

And finally, the promised videos!

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