Monday, July 8, 2013

Here's some Dutch dealin's

I went overseas for the first half of this year. But I'm back soon! Here's some of the work I was able to do.

On this first game, I was responsible for all bird animations, and all the delivered creature animations. creature animations. I'll have a proper reel up soon....

For this level, I was responsible for background elements and additional assets as needed. Doesn't look like much now, so I'll include what it looks like under-the-hood.

Here's all the nodes and information that went into those oh-so-fluffy clouds. I included controls for the direction and the strength of the wind, and also the sky color. It can get messy so I've got the nodes separated out by function.

Of course, outside of class, I helped out with some roommates. One of them requested some work based off the deadly sins. So here's a few of them.

And why not? Have some life drawing:

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Loni said...

Wow Dan your artwork is looking great! The animation in Sparrow Hawk was so lifelike! And I especially loved the scenery in Port Royal!