Thursday, September 20, 2012

Digital Figures!

So this was the first day my current figure drawing class started on digital. Also the first formal break-in of my tablet. The class is the first one I've done where they extensively use clothes + props. 
 Quick gestures. Filtering out the ones I didn't like, btw.

From the next batch, these were five minutes I think.
In most of these, she's wearing these leg warmers. It's not always obvious in some but here it's very apparent.

 The last drawing of the day. Went about 20-30 minutes, but Im not too sure the exact time. About halfway through, they ditched the clump of cloth. Initially it was draped all over the body, but pretty much stole the show and was way too complicated.

Basically stuff I still need to do -- more patience. Draw shapes. Don't scribble.

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